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Beer and the Environment

So this wednesday, March 22th was World Water Day, and I've been thinking about some aspects of our culture that environmentalists never seem to touch on when they talk about reducing impacts to the earth. Our society seems to find an endless list of ways to waste water, and some of that water may be wasted simply by our food consumption habits - and I'm not just talking about the comsumption of coca cola or pepsi.

One of these issues that came up was our consumption of beer. I don't have any statistics, but based on the mass worldwide consumption beer, I wondered how many acres of land are used to produce the Barely and Hops that goes into making one of our oldest and most favoured beverages. People talk about food crises and the lack of food available to people in the 3rd world. Well, how fair is it that we grow what is probably hundreds of thousands of acres of barely/hops crops, and extract thousands of gallons of water to produce a beverage that leaves us stupefied and dehydrated, and sadly in some cases, even dead.

I'm not trying to be one of those moral anti-alcohol straight edge purists, seeing as I drink beer and other alcoholic beverages all of the time - I was just trying to work out the actual logistics of drinking beer when when we focus so heavily on other environmental issues. Just some food for thought.
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Is whatever we waste making beer significantly worse than what we waste producing other foods and products? Meat is generally the worst because it takes so much more land to make a comparable amount of meat to plant-based products.
Another thing to think about is that in Middle Ages Europe people used to drink beer instead of water because the water was much more unsanitary. Often the issue is not so much availability of water as availability of clean, sanitary water.

Also, realistically, are you really going to convince many people to stop drinking beer for environmental reasons>
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know what else the 22nd was? William Shatner's BIRTHDAY!
(i was bored and reading the articles in the TV guide).
(& just googled to check, and he was born in '31! holy crap! I mean, it said he was 75, but in '31.... Wow. *shakes head*).

Hah hah... hilarious.. :) oh uog. ;)